Home Automation using Arduino Bluetooth IR Remote control relay with EEPROM | Arduino Projects 2022

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In this Arduino project, I have shown how to make simple home automation using Arduino Bluetooth IR Remote control relays with EEPROM. After restart, it can fetch the previous state from Arduino EEPROM memory. for this Arduino home automation project, I have just used Arduino UNO, HC-05 Bluetooth module, IR receiver, and relay module. And after watching the complete video any beginners or engineering students can make this Arduino-based project at home.

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I have covered the following topic in this Arduino project:
00:28 Demonstrated Arduino relay projects with EEPROM.
01:42 Required components.
02:15 Explained circuit of Arduino control relay.
03:17 How to get IR codes of any IR remote
05:39 Program the Arduino UNO.
09:09 Install Bluetooth App for home automation project.

Required Components for this Arduino smart home system:
1. Arduino UNO
2. HC-05 Bluetooth Module
3. 1838 IR Receiver IC
4. 2k Resistor 1/4 watt
5. 4.7k Resistor 1/4 watt
6. Pushbuttons or switches
7. 4-channel Relay Module 5V

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Important Link:
Download Code for this Arduino Home Automation project

Download Bluetooth App for the Arduino Bluetooth project

Important points:
1. You can also use Arduino Nano instead of Arduino UNO.
2. Use the IR receiver with a metal case.
3. Before controlling, you have to pair the HC-05 module as shown.
4. You can use any IR remote, just get the HEX code as shown and update it in the main Arduino sketch.
5. Install the proper version of the Arduino libraries.
6. Please watch the complete video, otherwise you may face some issues.
**Please take proper safety precautions while working with high voltages.

During this Arduino tutorial video, I have explained the complete circuit and source code for this smart home project. Also discussed, how to get the IR codes from any IR remote and use those HEX codes for the Arduino relay project.
I have developed the Bluetooth app in MIT App Inventor, as I have not submitted the app in the Google Play store, so you may get some warning while installing the Bluetooth App.

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This video is for demonstration and educational purposes only.
Each demonstration presents risks and hazards that must be fully understood before attempting.
And should be performed only by professionals

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