Hall Effect Angle Sensors (Arduino, Allegro A1334 and SPI) – The Basics (1)

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Hall Effect rotary position sensor, neodymium magnet, MCU and Lego® (!?!) …
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I’ve already done a video about Hall Effect switches (link below). But hall elements can be used for so much more: For example measuring the angle, respectively, rotation of a magnetic field and thus the rotary position of a magnet.

This first part starts with me talking about the principles of Hall Effect angle sensors. Then we have fun with a test jig build from Lego®, an Allegro A1334 and a neodymium magnet. There will be a second part covering the circuit and code.

00:00 Intro – an Arduino, an Allegro A1334 and a magnet
02:23 Diametric magnetization – an unusual neodymium magnet
03:56 Circular hall element arrays – measuring a magnetic field’s direction
07:21 Perpendicular hall elements – a simpler way to measure angles
09:03 Test jig – made from old Lego® bricks
11:16 1st test – rotating magnet with a 2.5mm air gap to the chip
12:35 2nd test –ABS, glass fiber, copper and aluminum in the air gap
16:26 3rd test – widening the air gap to 6mm
17:37 4th test – magnet 5mm off-axis, air gap back to 2.5mm
19:33 4th test – ferrous metal in the air gap
19:47 On-axis vs off-axis – an advanced topic
23:12 Wrap-up – next up circuit and code, bye

Tutorials https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLwq-2MnM58FKn3920rc1V0qoTsQDheTIw
Hall Effect Switches (e.g. RPM Measurement with AH3582 and Arduino) https://youtu.be/R74YKebLDUU

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