Hacking PC with 10$ perfect BadUSB / Rubberducky / USB device based on Arduino Leonardo SS Beetle

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[ Enable captions!] In this video I am showing the simplest way to create Malicious USB device that may be used for hacking/pranking Windows PC aka Rubberducky device.

I am using Arduino SS Beetle here , micro Arduino Leronardo clone with Atmega32U4 chip (native USB device) which perfectly suits for such kind of malicious activity ( small, cheap and simple) - f.ex. you can make USB pranks. Once plugged in, acts as a keyboard, typing commands at superhuman speed. What's the point? You could gain a reverse shell, change the desktop wallpaper, steal the windows passwords, anything is possible depending on your imagination and skills..

In the video I am showing several examples of use as well as step-by-step installation and configuration of Arduino on Windows PC.

Payload examples shown in the video : https://github.com/mcore1976/badUSB

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