GPS locator with Arduino and LoRa | part 2

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I'm slowly getting somewhere with my UAV recovery beacon based on LoRa Semtech SX1276, ESP32, ATmega32u4, GPS, and Arduino. Looks like it's working. The version I'm showing you today is a very early development version but has the most important feature: it shows the distance between the beacon and receiver.

On a completely different note, I like ESP32 as original Arduino boards replacement more and more. Amazing piece of hardware...

LoRa32u4 II LoRa 868/915MHz development board: http://bit.ly/2nJv9dd
TTGO LORA32 v2 ESP32 898/915MHz development board: http://bit.ly/2BjG47d
Beitian BN-220 GPS http://bit.ly/2B8h5jV
Beitian Matek M9N-5883 https://bit.ly/3fYyWPP

Previous https://youtu.be/H7XZRPTZ9WA

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