Expanding TONS of Switches/LEDs with Arduino (Teensy + ATtiny) and Controlling over MIDI!

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Big thanks to this customer for giving permission to showcase this project here - lots to discuss and hopefully you'll pick something up here to use in your own projects! TLDR: Expanding IO from a Teensy 4.1 over I2C bus using ATtiny1614's super easy to do this and the MIDI control from the Teensy keeps it simple.

Mega Tiny Core: https://github.com/SpenceKonde/megaTinyCore

The chip I'm using: https://github.com/SpenceKonde/megaTinyCore/blob/master/megaavr/extras/ATtiny_x14.md

Build your own UPDI programmer: https://github.com/SpenceKonde/megaTinyCore/blob/master/MakeUPDIProgrammer.md

Teensy: https://www.pjrc.com/store/teensy41.html

Teensy Code: https://github.com/krdarrah/Teensy_IOexpansion

ATtiny Code: https://github.com/krdarrah/ATtiny1614_IOExpansion

Check out my Tindie store (trigBoard is available) https://www.tindie.com/stores/kdcircuits/

Thanks to all the Patrons for dropping a few bucks in the tip jar to help make these videos happen!

Twitter: https://twitter.com/KDcircuits

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