ESP32 super simple setup with Arduino IDE

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You've probably heard of the ESP32. It is a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled micro controller that's really pretty cool. They're super affordable. Everybody seems to be using them. They've been around for a while. Great community built up around them. And what's even better is you can program 'em right inside the Arduino IDE. Now me, I've been using the ESP8266 for a long time. That's a Wi-Fi enabled chip also. It's kind of like, I don't know, the little brother of the ESP32. That's kind of one way to think about it. Anyway, what we're gonna do in this lesson is walk through getting the Arduino IDE set up for the ESP32.

All right, so let's go ahead and jump into this. We are setting up the Arduino IDE to use the ESP32. Now, everything I'm about to show you here is coming straight from the documentation. They've got a GitHub page where they've got the Arduino core here, and if you just follow the getting started guide over here, it's basically what I'm gonna be walking through. All right. So definitely make sure. We'll include the links to these two webpages in the description. But if you have any questions after watching this video, you know, ask in the comments. All right, so here we are in the Arduino IDE. And what we need to do is tell the Arduino IDE where to look for additional boards. So what we're gonna do is we're gonna go to preferences and in preferences, there's this place where it says Additional Board Manager URLs. Now you'll see I already have a URL in here, right? This is for the ESP8266, which I use a lot. So we need to add another URL. Basically the Arduino IDE is gonna go out and it's gonna pull down information about different ESP32 boards from this URL. Okay, so where do we get this URL? Well, it's on that page I was talking about. And they've got a stable release link and a development release link. I'm just gonna go with the stable one. Again, it's just a webpage. It's going to here. Let's stick it anyway. Let's see what happens when we just go here. All right. Okay, so check this out. This is what the Arduino IDE is gonna be pulling down. All right. It's just a bunch of information. JSON stands for JavaScript object notation. That's just a way of returning information, right? So all this information right here is what the Arduino IDE is gonna grab and it's gonna allow it to get the appropriate information so that when you're like in the board manager and you're trying to select a board, it looks right. So, okay. So there's that URL. We're gonna put a comma, very important. And then we're gonna just paste that in here. And then we hit OK. All right, nothing blew up.


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