ESP32 / Arduino Simple Web Based Wireless Configuration Framework

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In my last few videos with the ESP32 development Ive been working on an automated sprinkler project along with the associated libraries. when the final Sprinkler library was created the emphasis was an output in the console and wireless connectivity parameters were hard-coded into the code. The desire is a framework that allows for immediate access to the ESP32 for wireless configuration onto the desired network with a web based interface.

There are solutions out there that do this, but I'd like to create a light weight one that will use libraries ill already need for my projects and not require and software to be installed on devices like smartphones to take advantage of.

Its expected that the framework will change for different projects,this being the lowest common denominator to suit all purposes. only the WIFIAP library was added to the existing includes. A presentation of flowcharts explains the functionality, a codewalk does better to explain the specific mechanics.

Three data files are added in support of the framework.
an index.html denoting a successful connection
a small css file
an index.html passed for configure mode

A hardware factory default has also been added to the code. On pin 23 by holding it to 3.3 volts for 5 seconds, deleting all config files on the board. In the framework the detect for pin 23 is not an interrupt, its just in loop for easy understanding.

The code is available to be pulled on github at

This can be dropped right in as a project into platformio and compiled, be sure to modify the platformio.ini for the type of board and upload port
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