EDUvision S3, Ep. 01: Putting the A in STEAM, a Student's Arduino Store and More!

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We’re very excited to be back with Season 3 of our Arduino EDUvision live sessions. We'll be hosting a new episode every Thursday for the next 10 weeks, and they'll all be chock-full of news, inspirational educators and students, live demos, how-to product tips, and much more.

In this, the very first episode of the new season, we talk to Oliver, a student from Denmark who started using Arduino kits when lockdowns first started and is taking it a step further!

We'll also be diving deeper into the arts and taking a look at how to put the A in STEAM, and will be demoing an abstract Arduino art project you can do, too!

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0:19 Welcome to Season 3
1:00 Today’s topic: World Art Day, interactive art project and a guest from IT high school
3:34 Introducing our guest: Oliver Kempel
4:59 Oliver: First time you were introduced to Arduino?
6:01 Oliver: Have you always been interested in technology and IT?
6:50 Oliver: Arduino workshop at home and cool Arduino projects
11:15 LED Lightsaber project
15:00 Oliver: What have you learned from working with Arduino?
16:55 Oliver: Future career plans?
21:46 Discount
23:22 EduSpotlights: Did you know that Arduino started in a classroom?
25:55 Live demo: Interactive Art Project
28:00 Tutorial for the demo
29:30 Next week we celebrate the Earth Day, present an Arduino greenhouse and have a guest who created a water purification system
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