Educational Platforms for Robotics, IoT & Electronics from Innovator Park (Made in Sri Lanka)

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About the Platforms

1. Quadrant
All in one Integrated advanced embedded development platform compatible with, four types of plug & play boards.
– Arduino boards ( Nano,Uno, Mega )
– PIC microcontroller (18/40 pins )
– Raspberry pi board(via IDE cable)
– Node MCU board

Specially designed for embedded systems quick prototyping purposes.

2. Dynamic
Dynamic advanced robot development platform is a robotic development platform comprising of a top embedded development platform and a bottom robot development platform wherein the bottom platform provides the mobility while the top platform extending the performance getting a plurality of operation modes and different movabilities by means of different wheels and motor arrangements. The two platforms are detachably connected, built with sensors and peripherals, communication devices, a moving mechanism, MCU headers for Arduino types and a charging circuit, making more advanced platform when combined and simplified when detached. The platform has the advantage of expanding capability with robotic arms, different types of microcontroller platforms other than headers allowed, mapped and inbuilt components making the “Dynamic” more advanced for using higher education, research, and development purposes.

3. Inspire
This is a compact platform designed specifically for Arduino and mobile robot development that can be used for educational, hobby, quick prototyping or development purposes. Specifically, this has two compartments, one is a development platform and the second is a mobile robot platform. This development platform allows for development purposes with the Arduino Nano & Uno boards. The two main compartments can be operated individually or in combination.
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