Easy Arduino Home Automation from your iPhone, iPad, and Mac with Apple HomeKit!!

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In this video, I will show you how easy it is to connect an Arduino NodeMCU (ESP8266) to Apple Homekit and use it to control your Smart Home from your iPhone, iPad, iWatch, and Mac. I will also provide you with a 3D model that you can 3D print to make your project more compact!
Once complete, why not try to turn your lights by simply saying, "Hey Siri! Turn the lights on!"

LEARN more about EEPROM! – https://youtu.be/xH3Q6I-8apY

DOWNLOAD 3D Files, Arduino Code, Circuit: https://github.com/TheWorkshopByGM/Arduino_HomeKit_SmartSwitch

- Intro 0:00
- Key Features 0:30
- Assembly 1:10
- Demonstration 2:09

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