DIY Welding Wire Project

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Cool idea! DIY Welding Wire Project
hello friends, today we will make a simple and pleasant homemade craft for the household, and yes, this is really the case when it is better not to spend money but to make it with your own hands, I wish you all a pleasant viewing and a good mood
And in order to make it easier for you to navigate in size, I suggest that you put this video on pause and rewrite or remember them by the
way, such coils from welding wire can be easily found in some garage cooperatives or at scrap metal reception points
so Let's get to my homemade'll need two washers enhanced the diameter of which you see on our screens
also not superfluous to find a tube in my case diameter 16 mm
from her
continue to look for another pipe which diameter is close to our 1 trunkey and Yes Why not come up with in the absence of a lathe, it navernoe for the best, because for this handmade everything should be as simple as possible
now from this pipe I will need to cut Two pieces of 15 mm
at first I had such dimensions, then my design underwent minor changes and I will use a second piece of approximately 28 mm
this second piece of 28 mm must be cut in half as shown in the video
Then I found such a rod, it will need to be sawn off 1m and sawed in half to get 2 rods already, but 50 cm
each for my homemade I need to find 2 rods of 11 cm each and I took a stock on the video but then I had to shorten them a little
Now we return to the first two bars which are 50 cm each and sharpen them at the ends
Then we move on to a little welding work, I need to weld two reinforced washers from different sides to the center of our coil from the wire
well, that's all my friends, my homemade is ready and as you guessed it, it turned out to be a good coil for winding a garden hose
it is easy to manufacture and almost free of charge, and it copes with its functions no worse than buying. And I will demonstrate it to you in an hour. The coil is put on two hinges, one of which is pressed by a ring of a larger diameter, so it turns out something like sliding bearings, even if collective-farm ones, but such a coil can be easily removed to the barn and if you really want, you can digest the primers closer to the center and then the meter of the hose can be twisted much larger
Write in the comments would you make yourself such a homemade or not well, and in order not to lose this video, Share it with your friends on any social network
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THERE ARE MANY INTERESTING THINGS HERE!! Here will be videos about the coolest homemade crafts made with your own hands!
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