DIY: Super Insulated She-Shed with Radiant Floor heating

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My wife is now working from home, as I'm sure many of you have needed to do. Since our home is rather small she was working on the kitchen table. With two kids also home, this was not great for all of those ZOOM meetings. So I made her a home office from our tool shed.

The outdoor tool shed is fully insulated with Dense-pack cellulose insulation. Some would say it's super insulated. The walls and floor are about an R-42. The ceiling is more because it's packed all the way to the roof. This is known as a hot roof since there is no venting.

I removed the tools, and siding from one wall. I installed two new windows. These windows are double hung, double pane, insulated glass. Not the lowest U-factor, but it's OK. Having two windows allow for a cross breeze when both are open.

Since there was no heating system, I needed to add one. We decided on an electric radiant floor. This was a DIY kit with the electric resistance wire already attached to a mat. This mesh mat made installation fast and easy. The kit is called from LuxHeat. Link below.

After that I used a self-leveling compound (similar to thin-set, or cement). This was poured 1/2" thick to embed the wires. I had some real trouble with this step as you see in the video.

The walls are covered in bead board paneling and painted white. There are 6 recessed LED light fixtures. The floor is a oak laminate, floating floor.

Thanks to my wife and daughter for helping in the build.

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