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A small voice recorder is a gadget which you can buy from the market. It can record voices or sounds in an environment and store them in its memory. But one of the drawbacks of buying commercial products is the cost. So in this project, we decided to build our own Arduino Based Voice Recorder, which can also be abused as a spy bug. Our spy bug uses a small microphone to record the voice and it stores the recorded voice onto an SD card. It will able to record audio clips that are 2 minutes long, each 2 minutes long clip would be numbered serially. Once powered up the recording process will continue until the battery is dead or there is no more space to store the recorded audio. We also attached an LED with the Arduino that indicates the recording process is started. All this sounds interesting right so let's get started.

Warning: The project discussed here is only intended for educational use. Respect other people’s privacy, any misuse of this device might be a punishable offense according to your state law.
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