DIY SEATMOVER - Windshield Wiper motors Arduino IBT-2 Simtools MOD your static SIM RIG with Motion!

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On a lot of forums and Facebook pages, Sim Racers want a motion rig but they are very expensive. In this video I am showing them how they can modify their existing static rig for motion using cheap windshield wiper motors, Arduino, IBT2 motor controllers and software like SMC3 and simtools. This is part one of two.

So to be clear, I am showing you how to modify your static rig for motion. This video is the first part the most complicated part, the second video will be so easy because it's just physical stuff..

When I was building my motion rig, I looked on the internet everywhere for a video guide on how to how do it how all these different components and stuff hook together but I couldn't fine one.
So that's what this video is going to be. We're going to take two motors and connect them together with some hardware and some software and we're going to make a seat mover. seat mover seat mover

take your basic sim frame - wheel, pedals. were going to add a U-joint for side to side turning or back and forth for acceleration and braking.

we're going to use two motors and an Arduino uno and IBT-2 IBT2 motor controllers.
The hall effect potentiometers connect to the motor shaft to read the position of the motor. The position of the potentiometer sends a reading back to the Arduino so it knows what position the motor is in.

The equipment we need windshield wiper motors we need two of the motors to make the motion. The motors are controlled by these IBT-2 motor controllers.. All are controlled by the Arduino uno or an Arduino uno clone. The last thing we need are hall effect potentiometers.

There are thousands of windshield wiper motors and the big difference between industrial type motors and windshield wiper motors is that windshield wiper motors have some type of ground which connects to the car chassis of the car and we have to get rid of that or we will short our IBT-2 to ground.

You can go to xsimulator.net for more information. But if your motor is a 5 wire motor like this it has Low speed, a high speed, a ground, 2 parking connections.

Connecting to a 12V battery to see if the motor actually works before we modify it.

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