DIY Radio Transmitter- EP 7 #engineering #solidworks #diyrc #arduino #solidworks

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Designed By Purpose is the latest show here on Moral Rich Media. Come along with me as I design products from scratch using everyday inspiration and Solidworks. I stream live on Twitch, but will be reposting the videos here. My current project is my HERO TX Radio control.

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FYI, I've been designing and building products for over 25 years. Some machinery for industry, but mostly one-offs and prototypes. Watch along as I go through the process. The goal is to share and gain knowledge as I design and build new creations.

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0:00 Intro
1:36 Getting started
21:26 Battery tray ex
35:45 Design
40:28 Starting Batt tray

#maker #arduinoprojects #industrialdesign #blackcreator
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