DIY Motorized Ironman Helmet using a 3D Printer and Arduino | 1:1 MK3 Helmet

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Hi guys, in this video I make the wearable Ironman helmet 1:1, articulated and with dimmable led eyes using my 3D printer, an Arduino Nano Every and two servomotors. It was printed from my Anet A8 with 3D Fuel filament and took over 60 hours and about a month to complete.
Hope you like it!

➣ 3D Fuel store:
➣ 3D model and file:

These are the components I used:

◈ My 3D printer:
◈ Servo - ES08MA x2:
◈ Arduino Nano Every:
◈ 2x6x2.5mm bearings:
◈ 10k potentiometer:
◈ Magnetic switch:
◈ Side switch:
◈ LED eyes:

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My Equipments:
◈ Camera:
◈ My tripod:
◈ My laptop:
◈ My headphones:

00:00 Download files and slicing
01:23 Printig
04:20 Assembly
08:31 Wire electronics
14:18 Upload code into Arduino
14:58 Smooth and paint
16:39 Assemble the circuit on the helmet
17:29 Glue Up
18:20 Enjoy your helmet!

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