DIY MIDI Piano Pedal Controller with Arduino | Build a custom system for any digital piano

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I love my Korg D1, but it couldn't support more than one pedal, so I built my own! This project uses an Arduino Uno to connect multiple piano pedals and play them over USB. Took me a while to figure everything out but it works flawlessly! It also allowed me to use third-party pedals, like a Yamaha FC3A that doesn't work with the Korg otherwise.

Here is the code and detailed instructions:

If you don't know much about programming, don't worry. This was my first Arduino project and it was pretty simple, since I'm giving you the code it's not much harder than doing a little wiring and installing a few things.

This was heavily based on code from Notes and Volts, and he goes into great depth about Arduino MIDI controllers, I recommend watching his videos:

Here are links to all the parts:
(these are affiliate links, but they cost you no extra)
The Arduino board I used:
Stereo Jacks (can be wired mono too):
Yamaha FC3A Half-Damper Pedal:

Other Gear I use:
AKG 240 Headphones:
Sony a6400:
Sigma 16mm F1.4 Lens:
Korg D1 Digital Piano:

0:00-3:54 About the project
3:54-6:38 Schematic
6:38-14:06 My changes to the code

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