DIY Hydroponic Garden w/Arduino and IoT

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1:38 What is hydroponics?
4:43 Defining the problem
6:02 System components overview
10:42 Schematics and planning
12:22 Getting the pump working
16:54 Adding rotation
20:05 Measuring the liquid level
22:40 Connecting to our IoT App Blynk
28:54 Putting it all together

In this video lesson, we will walk through creating an automated DIY hydroponics garden that utilizes our Arduino programming skills and an Internet of Things (IoT) App called Blynk.

Why do you ask? Because hydroponics is super cool, tasty food is nice to have, and through making this project we will demonstrate many potential uses of Arduino. Hopefully, this walkthrough will give you some skills, and more importantly some inspiration, to create dozens of other cool IoT projects powered by Arduino.

Hold on, what the heck is an Arduino? A sub sandwich? And who is this IoT lady? If you’re asking yourself these questions, have no fear! We have some great videos on our YouTube channel that introduce what Arduino is and its many uses, so check them out!

If you’re unfamiliar with the term Internet of Things (IoT), we also have a great IoT course for our members at Programming Electronics Academy that teaches all the essentials to get your projects up and running and connected to the cloud.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg! We’ve got 8 courses (and counting!) which cover everything from electronics fundamentals all the way to using LCDs and Servos in your projects.

If this is your first dip into the world of making and prototyping, welcome aboard! We’re so happy for you to have discovered this rich, intriguing world! You’re in the right place to start your Arduino adventures.

So what is hydroponics anyway? Hydroponics is a method of growing plants without soil by using an aqueous water-based nutrient solution instead. There are many different subsets types of hydroponics, and they vary in how the nutrient solution is distributed to the plants, as well as how the nutrients are mixed into the water.

Hold on, what about aquaponics? Isn’t that the same thing as hydroponics? Not exactly. Aquaponics is the method of combining aquaculture (raising aquatic animals such as fish) and hydroponics. Essentially, you use fish poop to add the required nutrients to your water solution and then you distribute that water to the plants, and then you utilize any of the nutrient distribution methods as previously mentioned.

Why should you build this project? Well, as we said before, we hope it will show you how cool Arduino is, and hopefully give you the inspiration and confidence to build many more projects other than just this garden. other microcontroller projects.

Additionally, But more than just that…growing your own food is:

Fun (and easy! Adding the Arduino to the traditional hydroponic set-up helps automate the process, so even the most unskilled gardeners can find success)
Tastes great
You know exactly what’s going into your plants
Hydroponic gardens don’t require weeding and there’s no messy soil involved.
Allows you to grow vertically, taking up less space (so even people in small apartments or who don’t have backyards of their own can grow)
Allows you to grow your favorite produce anywhere at any time of year (I even grew these vegetables in England in the middle of winter – during weeks of freezing temps with no sun!)
Uses up to 90% less water than traditional growing methods … although your power bill will be higher, so we’re definitely not arguing it’s “more green” than using soil, that’s for someone else to argue!
Just a quick disclaimer, we normally go much more in-depth when it comes to walkthroughs and lessons, but we were so excited about this video we wanted to get this content out relatively quickly.

If you’d like to see a “full-blown” PEA course on how we made this, similar to our IoT BBQ WIFI thermometer course, please let us know in the comments, and if there’s enough interest, we’ll go ahead and develop a multipart series that will dig much deeper into construction, code analysis, etc.

***About Us:***
This Arduino lesson was created by Programming Electronics Academy. We are an online education company that seeks to help people learn about electronics and programming through the ubiquitous Arduino development board.

***We have no affiliation whatsoever with Arduino LLC, other than we think they are cool.***
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