DIY Flower LED WALL With Arduino Nano

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Hi everyone, This is my DIY project try make an flower wall led made with simple led RGB stripWS2811 and powered by arduino nano.
It just need some cheap parts such as:
- 1x Arduino Nano
- 1x Mic module for arduino
- 1x 100nF capacitor (C3)
- 2x 100uF/16V electrolite capacitor (C1,C2)
- 1x 2P terminal 5.08mm (T1)
- 1x 3P terminal 2.5mm (T2)
- 1x Regulator 7805 (U1)
- 1x Digit switch (SW)
- 1meter WS2811 LED Strip 30 led/meter
- 10x 4" PVC pipe caps/Tutup pipa 4 inch
- 10x White acrylic Diameter=12cm
and every tools you need.
Now, How to make it? please check the video til end.
Disclaimer : I use a basic program from Anmol Saini Youtube channel that I modify to make it works with my DIY project, So thanks a lot brother and Credit to Anmol Saini Youtube Channel https://youtu.be/YM72yi0osZ8

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