DIY Custom Arduino with Extra Features

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All electronics enthusiasts should be familiar arduino board. Yes The Arduino Uno is probably one of the most iconic microcontroller boards for makers. I am using this for the last 5 years, I love the Arduino Uno, but I felt it was missing some features. the first thing is when working with multiple sensors simultaneously there are not enough power pins to connect the sensors because Arduino has only one 5v pin and one 3.3volt pin next is the bulky type B USB port because nowadays no one loves this connector. Next, I don't like the main power socket. Finally, we cant connect female header pins to uno. From All the mentioned problems I decided to make my version of Arduino. And here you can see my custom Arduino board. You can see I replaced the USB b port with micro USB and This board can be powered over micro USB or screw terminals. Also, both male and female header pins available so we can connect both male and female pins to Arduino. On the opposite side, my Arduino has 4 5volt pins 4 3.3vot pins and 4 ground pins so we can connect a lot of sensors simultaneously.
My custom Arduino is smaller than traditional Arduino and best of all it is still cheaper than an Arduino!
So in this video, I am gonna show how I designed and made my custom Arduino

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