DIY Cardboard Skittle Sorting Machine - Arduino

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I'll show you how to build a super simple Skittle sorting machine using 3mm thick cardboard and an Arduino Nano. ???? More info below ????

Using a colour sensor and two servos, this cardboard colour sorter is a great educational build and a shortcut to finding the best Skittles (red ones obviously!)

Electromaker sell a kit which includes all the electronic components you'll need to assemble this project. Find it, the code, CAD files, and my full written guide over on their site:

#####. The downloads are temporarily not working, for now you can find the code and printable templates here: The rest of the guide, electronics, BOM etc are still available on Electromakers website. #####

You can also find some other kits I worked on with them at their online shop:

These are some of my favorite tools I use and can recommend:
■ Battery-powered glue gun:
■ Bosch Bit Driver:

I use a Prusa MK3S for my projects and highly recommend both it and the Prusa Mini. If I inspired you to take up 3D printing please consider purchasing a printer via this link:

Prusa support my channel when you use that link at no cost to yourself. :)



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