DIY Arduino powered label dispenser | Crafty Engineer

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Hello and welcome to our DIY project of the day. Here, we have a handy dandy DIY label maker, and spoiler alert, the project runs on Arduino. So what do we need to build this label dispense up?

Of course, we will have to get our hands on some components and tools first. These parts include a custom PCB, a motor clamp, an Arduino Nano, a motor driver IC (A4988 recommended), a stepper motor, and a plethora of timing pulleys, pillow bearings, and whatnot.

As always, you can find a complete list of required components in the link below along with more detailed instructions on how to build a label maker.
So let’s dive in!

The first thing we want to do when building this labeler is getting our hands on the wooden parts we are going to use and mark them for cutting. Check out the video to take reference to a wedge and a trapezoid. Once they are ready, sand all the splintery parts and imperfections.

Power tools or manual labor you ask? Your choice.

The video details the things you need to build up the electric components and the Arduino. So scroll back up, get comfy, and enjoy!

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