DIY Arduino Domino Layer P2 - Bluetooth & App upgrade

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How to add Bluetooth remote control to your 3D printed domino laying machine. ???? Component links, info, and code below ????

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Drive it around and lay impressive domino runs using an app built with the free Blynk service via a bluetooth connection. It's my favourite way of playing with this machine (when I get the controls back from my family!)

This is the second video in this two part project series. The first video is available here: https://youtu.be/QsAplPLtriw

Using some basic electronics this machine can line up well spaced rows of wooden dominoes. You can drive it around corners, forwards and backwards - just don't drive into your already laid dominoes. You can enter a list of instructions to your robot via the Arduino IDE, upload with USB and then send it on it's way to follow your instructions, or you can open the phone app and drive it live via bluetooth.

List of items used in this project and where to find them:

■ Elegoo Arduino Uno (x1) - https://geni.us/ArduinoUno
■ Micro continuous rotation servo (x1) - https://geni.us/360MicroServo
■ Micro 180º servo (x1) - https://geni.us/MicroServo
■ LM317 DC-DC Converter (x1) - https://geni.us/LM317
■ Six AA Battery Holder (x1) - https://geni.us/6AABatteryHolder
■ AA Batteries (x6) - https://geni.us/AABatteries
■ 1:90 TT DC Motor (x1) - https://geni.us/1-90GearedTTMotor
■ L298N Motor Driver (x1) - https://geni.us/L298N
■ Limit Switch with roller arm (x2) - https://geni.us/ContactSwitch
■ 1602 LCD Shield with keypad (x1) - https://geni.us/1602LCDKeypad
■ HM10 Bluetooth Module (x1) - https://geni.us/HM10Bluetooth
■ M3 and M5 Bolts - https://geni.us/NutsAndBolts
M3x6 (x2) M3x10 (x21) M5x15 (x2) M5x20 (x2) M5x25 (x1)
■ Rubber Bands - https://geni.us/RubberBands
■ Dominoes the ones I used (x lots) - https://geni.us/Dominoes
■ 4 Way Wire Connector (x1) - https://geni.us/WagoConnectors
■ Electrical ‘Hookup’ wire - https://geni.us/22AWGWire
■ Filament for 3D printing:
- Silky silver from Geeetech: https://geni.us/GeeetechSilkSilverPLA
- White PLA: https://geni.us/GeeetechWhitePLA
■ Velcro Cable Tidy (for domino ejector) - https://geni.us/VelcroCableTidy

These are some of my favorite tools I use and can recommend:
■ Battery-powered glue gun: http://geni.us/BoschBatteryGlueGun
■ Bosch Bit Driver: https://geni.us/Bosch-Screwdriver


The code can be downloaded from here:

Guides for programming, FAQ, wiring diagram and helpful people available here:

3D printed parts can be downloaded from here:

Support the channel with a one off donation and enjoy the not-yet-patented Rapid Domino Reloader Stick and some extra accessories to print for your dominoes: https://diy-machines.selz.com/item/rapid-domino-reloader-and-fun-accessories-to-print



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List of camera and lighting equipment I use:

Sony A7 III: https://geni.us/Sony-Alpha7-III
Tamron 28-75mm F2.8 RXD A036SF Lens for Sony-FE : https://geni.us/TamronRXD-28-75mm
Aputure Amaran HR672C: https://geni.us/AputureAmaranHR672C
Aputure MC: https://geni.us/FAPGL
RØDE VideoMic Pro+: https://geni.us/RodeVideoMic-ProPlus
Blue Snowball iCE: https://geni.us/BlueSnowball-iCE
Philips Hue Lightstrip Plus: https://geni.us/PhilipsHue-LightStrip

This video was sponsored by PCBWay.
This video is shared for demonstration purposes only.
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