DIY 3D Printed Motorized Camera Dolly | Arduino Controlled

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I designed this camera dolly because I wanted the ability to record dynamic time-lapses, and I couldn't find any existing inexpensive solutions for this.

I decided to make this video and post the .STL files for anyone else who would like to build it. It uses a very inexpensive 28BYJ geared stepper motor driven by a ULN2003 driver, which allows it to travel very slowly and smoothly. The driver is controlled by an Arduino Nano microcontroller. I used the Accelstepper library to handle the accelerations, which allows the dolly to accelerate smoothly.

The .STL files and example code are posted on my GitHub page (Linked in my channel's "About" section and homepage)

Bill of Materials:
3D Printed parts:
(3) Idler wheels
(1) Motor Wheel
(1) Idler Axle
(1) Motor Axle
(1) Chassis
(1) BasePhoneMount
(1) UpperPhoneMount (Choose the configuration that fits your phone. I have posted versions with slots ranging from 7.5mm to 10.5mm in width to accommodate different phones)

(1) Arduino Nano (Or any other Arduino)
(1) 28BYJ geared stepper motor and driver
(1) 5V Breadboard power supply
(1) Small breadboard
-- Around 4ft of ribbon cable (I used 28AWG)
(4) 60mm OD x 4mm O-ring
(1) A211 O-ring or equivalent (does not need to be exact)
(3) 608 Bearings
(3) 3/8"x7/8" bolt and matching wingnut
(1) 3/8" x 1 1/4" bolt and matching wingnut
(2) 10mm M3 bolts
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