Desk of Ladyada - The Desk of Ladyada - STEMMA seesaw in Arduino with megaTinyCore

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OK it was a little rainy out yesterday so we finally got around to porting our CMSIS/arm-gcc 'seesaw' core over to Arduino. Thankfully https://github.com/SpenceKonde has written an awesome Arduino core for this chip so we were able to get up and running very quickly! Check out their tindie at https://www.tindie.com/stores/DrAzzy/ Using an eval board for the tiny817, and some CI tooling, we quickly added support for almost all of the seesaw commands and published the code. We'll also show how we will customize firmware with #define's

The Great Search - Finding An Eval Board For Your Chip!

Catching up to a project we started last month - we need to redesign some of our boards due to the chip shortage. We decided to move from the SAMD09 to the ATtiny816 https://blog.adafruit.com/2021/05/18/the-great-search-a-very-inexpensive-seesaw-8-bit-microcontroller-thegreatsearch-digikey-digikey-adafruit-microchipmakes/ because it seems available/low cost and capable enough. Once you've spec'd the chip, its nice to get an eval board or two. This will get us going quickly! I'll share some tip for what I look for in an eval board, as well as how to find an eval board even if one doesn't exist for your chip (!)

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