Control TV With Arduino ?? | Arduino TVout Library | Display Text & Images On TV With Arduino Uno

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We are going to control the TV with Arduino Uno & TVout library. And display some images & text on it.

To do so, we will require a TV with Audio/Video ports. A microcontroller.
Two resistors. One of 1 K ohm & another of 470 ohms. We will also require some wires for interconnections. And a breadboard to connect & hold everything in place. We will connect both resistors in a voltage divider configuration. Their junction will be the output. Now we will connect a wire from digital pin 7 of Arduino to a 470O resistor. And another wire from digital pin 9 of Arduino to 1 KO resistor. Now we will connect two wires to the Audio/Video port of the TV. The center of the A/V port is signal & the outer is ground. Connect a wire from the junction of the resistor to the center of the A/V port. Connect the Arduino ground to the TV ground. And we are done with the connections. Now just upload the code to the Arduino board & enjoy. This is the example code.
We haven't written anything yet. Let's see what we have in the example. Here comes our code. We can display any image. We prefer a black & white image. We just need to convert it to hexadecimal bitmap format. Make an array of that bitmap in the code. And upload the code. That image will be displayed. We also can display text on TV. We just need to call a function TV.write(). And pass a String of whatever text we have to display.

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