CNC Machining vs Manual Machining - Part 1

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Is CNC machining always more efficient than manual machining? We machined the same part using CNC and manual machines to find out.

There is no doubt that CNC machining has great advantages over manual machining. To name a couple, CNC machining minimizes the amount of interaction between the operator and the machine tool, and significantly reduces the active machining time. But is this always the more efficient or fastest way to get a part done? And can a part made with a CNC machine be done using manual equipment?

Derrick Hogan, CNC technology instructor at North Georgia Technical College, helped us answer these questions. In these two videos, he shows us how to machine the same part using CNC machines and manual machines and helped us find out which process is faster. This video (part 1) focuses on the CNC machining methods and on the manual lathe operations, while the second part shows how the part is finished on the manual mill.

Take a look at the second part here: https://youtu.be/VZ9S5GjT7L4

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This video is part of our new video series: ” LEARNING FROM THE PROS”!
We are collaborating with educators from the most advanced technical schools around the country to provide you with tips and tricks, educational videos, and machining technology insights that will help you become a better machinist and learn something new about our beloved metalworking trade.

This project, presented is part of the North Georgia Technical College's tool&die program.

To learn more about the CNC machining program at North Georgia Technical College visit https://northgatech.edu/programs-of-study/cnc-machining


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