Cheat Hardware for Valorant (Arduino on the USB) - 100% Safe

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???? Gamer Booster ????
???? Vídeo with many Penta kills.
???? Configured to 100% Head Shot (This gameplay aims to demonstrate the maximum possible use of the program).
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Aimbot Hardware for Valorant totally external, where there are no changes being made either in the game memory or in the files ... Valorant blocks any movement that is not promoted directly from the hardware (mouse), in view of this condition, we use the Arduino Leonardo connected on USB, which aims to simulate a "second mouse" and interact with our program. Our program works with the visual reading of the game in real time, generating actions that are sent and processed by the Arduino, so the computer understands that the movements were generated by this "second mouse". Without a doubt, this is the safest and most sophisticated program for Valorant.
Our program has randomizations throughout the code every time the program is opened, so that a Ban Wave never happens, these skills and knowledge were acquired during years of Cheats development, we are not enthusiastic like many who are appearing in the market with programs bad and susceptible to banning.
✅ Functions ✅
✖ Aimbot (Customizable - FOV, Speed, Spot, Key)
✖ No Recoil (Recoil Control)
✖ Triggerbot (Auto shoot)
✖ Auto Agent (Select the agent defined automatically)
✖ Bomb Timer on the screen (Explosion timer countdown)
✖ Bunny Hop
✖ All configurations are 100% Secure.

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