Building a Portal CNC Milling Machine from Scratch — 1

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DIY/ Homemade Portal Milling Machine with automatic tool changer spindle SK30 (BT30). The overall working area of the machine will be about 550 x 650 x 450 mm (X x Y x Z). The total weight will be about 950 kg. The structure of the machine is a welded metal frame that will be filled with UHP concrete to improve the dampening. All the components of the machine (ball srews, linear rails, ...) are industrial grade (Bosch Rexroth, THK, SKF, GMT, ...). The machine will be power by NEMA 34 stepper motors for testing. Until everything is working as expected, those will be substituted by a servo drive system complemented by SICK absolute encoders on all axes.

The build and component purchasing started in 2016, since then we were able to get basically everything together that‘s needed to finalize the build.
The milling spindle is a spare part from an old (1990) Steinel BT20 5-axis milling machine

Some Specs of the Machine:
- X Travel: 550 mm
- Y Travel: 650 mm
- Z Travel: 450 mm

- max. G0 (X,Y) : 15 m/min
- max. G0 (Z) : 10 m/min
- Servo Power (later) : 400 W (max.)
- Spindle Power : 4,5 kW (i = 2.5)
- Tool Holders: SK30

- total weight: about 950 kg
- outer dimensions: 1000x1200x1200 mm (without housing and table)
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