Build Arduino user interfaces with MegunoLink

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Build a custom user interface for your next Arduino project using an interface panel. MegunoLink interface panel’s are assembled from buttons, sliders and other controls. The controls send serial messages that can be processed by our command handler library. This video walks through building an interface for a robot gripper, covering the steps you need to start building interfaces for your own Arduino projects.

Project files:

MegunoLink download:


MegunoLink library installation:

Command handler reference:

=== Video Contents ===
00:00 - Introduction to interface panels
02:02 - Handling serial commands in your Arduino sketch
04:37 - Sending serial commands from an interface panel
09:17 - Designing a serial command protocol
13:38 - Storing configuration in the Arduino EEPROM
16:18 - A more dynamic interface
18:04 - Updating controls from the Arduino sketch
21:36 - Plotting sensor measurements
23:50 - Recap
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