Build a Frequency Counter/Frequency Response Circuit using Arduino to Characterize I.F. Transformers

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A simple circuit I built using Arduino to characterize the out of circuit frequency response for the I.F. Transformers from the Airline 62-316 receiver.

The circuit leverages the frequency counter capabilities of Arduino and a Detector Diode (1N34A) to capture the DC levels across the design bandwidth, which allows you to graph out the frequency response of I.F. Transformer or other... I copied and pasted the data from the Arduino Serial Monitor into Excel to chart out the frequency response and identified the -3 dB (70.7%) and -6 dB (50.1%) points for reference to calculate Quality Factor (Q) and the approximate bandwidth of the I.F. transformers.

* Keep in mind - stray capacitance will impact the out of circuit test results and the I.F. Transformer(s) will need to be realigned once they are reinstalled due to (loading) capacitance and impedance of the working circuit.

You can download the schematic, BOM & Arduino sketch at:

The playlist for the Airline 62-316 series: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=waQAl6t8Nug&list=PLjLu4V-71S1JqbVO1Fi2mrt96azyHE-Ad

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