BlHeli Programming with Arduino as Programmer - Brushless ESCs in Combat Robots

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This is a quick little tutorial for the several people who requested it showing how to use a standard Arduino as a BlHeli USB programmer. It takes all of 2 minutes once you know what to do, it's super easy and won't blow anything up if you get it wrong. Try it!
BlHeli ESCs work with almost any small to midsize brushless motor for RC drones, planes, quads, multicopters, cars, boats, etc. Any 3 phase brushless motor that is sized correctly for your ESC with the right settings should work.

Download the software here: https://github.com/bitdump/BLHeli/releases
BlHeli ESC Programming/Settings Tutorial: https://youtu.be/pfMg5RVenic

Just 'Cuz Robotics Website: https://justcuzrobotics.com/
Just 'Cuz Store: https://justcuzrobotics.com/shop

Instagram: @JustCuzRobotics

Bloodsport/BnS Facebook Page:

#CombatRobotics #BlHeli
00:00 - Intro
00:50 - Pins needed
02:13 - Power the ESC
02:43 - BlHeli Bootloader to Arduino
03:56 - Showing it worked!
04:29 - Save and load
05:05 - Flash Latest Firmware
06:00 - Outro
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