Best Arduino Projects for Science Exhibition 2021 [Complete Tutorials Available????]

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Here is an awesome collection of the best Arduino projects for Science exhibitions and fairs as working models. This also includes complete step-by-step tutorials to all these Arduino Projects for beginners and kids.

Even if you are a beginner and just started learning, following these tutorials will be easy. All of the below projects are well-explained step by step, with detailed tutorials on how to get started from scratch.

_______________________________Project List_____________________________
Time Catcher | Creating an Illusion -
Arduino Rocket Launcher -
Arduino Based Alexa Home Automation -
Automatic Plant Watering -
Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser -
Arduino POV Display -
Remote Controller for Robots -
Arduino Pick and Place Robot -
6 Wheeled Wireless Surveillance Robot -
Gesture-based Media Controller -
Home Safety Monitoring System -
OPLA IOT Based Plant Watering System -

Arduino for Beginners - The Ultimate Guide -

Robotics for Beginners -

As you guys know, Arduino is a huge platform that made the process of the creation of electronics stuff a lot simpler. It is due to this platform, DIY electronics projects grew in popularity. Even a beginner can start building awesome stuff within a matter of, say, 1 day? or maybe less.

So here we are clubbing together with a collection of top DIY Arduino projects for a science exhibition that can be used as working models, that you can build from scratch in minutes. Feel free to ask your doubts in the comments below.
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