Attaching a CRT Monitor to an Arduino Using 1980s Tech [LIVE[

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As fantastic and vertsatile as the Arduino ecosystem is, in terms of raw capability, the ATMEGA328 is closer in spirit to a 1980s mircocontroller than a 21st century CPU. Which makes 80's chips the perfect companions when we want to add interesting features to an Arudino.

The Motorola 6847 is an old school display chip used in the TRS-80, Acorn Atom, Laser 100/110, and others, which can create a usable display with as little as 512B (bytes!) of RAM. It can create text, basic graphics, a whole nine colors, and do it all independently of the microcontroller.

We'll try to use an old MC6847 chip to give an Arduino Uno the ability to output text on a screen, first by directly outputting individual letters, then by introducing an old 8Kx8 RAM chip and using that to store one screen's worth of data. We'll see how far we get in one evening, this may bleed into a future stream as well.

MC6847 Datasheet:
MC1372 Datasheet:
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