Assembly of Flaura – Smart, Self-watering Planter (DIY Project, 3D Printed, Arduino)

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In this episode I explain how to assemle the mechanical components, hoses and 3D-printed parts for Flaura - my smart, self-watering plant pot.

Download-Link to Thingiverse:

This is the sixth video of my tutorial series on how to build your own “Flaura”, which is my Do-It-Yourself, Open-source project.

Flaura is a smart, self-watering plant pot that comes with the following features:
- 3D printed housing
- Integrated water tank
- Soil moisture measurement
- Automatic watering
- Rechargeable battery
- Arduino Code
- App control and data display
- Push notifications

Consider watching the introductory video, to learn more about the features and my future plans with Flaura: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rHHFL17ncnc&t=0s
I will release more step-by-step video tutorials here in the future on how to build such a plant pot yourself. Stay tuned! ????

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