ARDUINO Tutorial 11 Implementing the IF Statement with Dimmable LED's

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M = “V2b” Here on the chart it’s 0, – V2a Here on the chart it’s 255” and then that's going to be over “vOut2 Here on the chart it’s 0 – vOut1 Here on the chart it’s 1023” All right do You see what I'm doing I'm simplifying the slope of the line using the variables that We are used too that way You understand better and it’s not just Xs and Ys! Now It is easier to calculate M and so We are then left with M which is (255 over 1023)” and multiply this by vOut)). This is now compatible with Our Arduino. We just have to change a few things, in the code and the circuit need adjusting starting to comment those lines here as they are not necessary, do not forget to update the 5 volt to 255 and You can remove or comments those lines too that’s up to You. But the main reason it’s not working it is because the pin is not a PDM one. so let’s adjust this and well send this to the Arduino and Voila!
With this out of the way Lets’ add 2 more LEDs that will lit up depending of the voltage.
I paste the sketch like So. Send it to the Arduino and We are done.

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