Arduino Time Table | Arduino Smart Bag | Arduino GPS Tracker Google Maps | Arduino Projects DIY 2021

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This video is about, Arduino Time Table | Arduino Smart Bag | Arduino GPS Tracker Google Maps | Arduino Projects DIY 2021

Hi all,
This video explains about a Smart Timetable which has designed using Arduino. It also has GPS tracking function via GSM service. User can use Google Maps to locate the unit if it has stolen. User can configure his weekly timetable in this system and it will saved in the EEPROM memory of the microcontroller. Because of this, configuration data will not loss after a power loss.

School items like books and water bottle are having RFID tags by allowing system to validate it through a MFRC522 RFID reader. User can scan each item with the system and system will notify the user whether it is available in today or not.

A SIM800 module and a NEO 6m GPS module has used to do tracking functions. User can send a SMS to the system through his smart phone and after that system will automatically reply its current location to his number. Then he can use Google Maps to locate the Bag with this system.

A ATMEGA328 IC has used instead of an Arduino board to shrink the size of the project in to portable size.

SIM800 GSM tutorial link

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