Arduino TEF6686 | NodeMCU (ESP8266) | Project

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here I want to show you my Project with the TEF6686 connected to an ESP8266 and an ILI9486 Touchscreen Color Display. The Touchscreen is from Raspberry PI and has a 3.5inch big screen. It works very simply, has almost all needed Radiobands (FM 1-3, MW, LW, and SW 120m - 11m).
On FM it supports RDS Functions like PS, RT, PTY, CT, AF and, TP.

The Radio works with a 5000mAh rechargeable battery and runs around 5 to 7h with it.

Some Specifications:
- FM: 87.5 to 108.0MHz (10kHz) 3 Bands (5 Presets each Band = 15 Presets)
- MW: 522 to 1612kHz (9kHz) 5 Presets
- LW: 144kHz to 284kHz (3kHz) 5 Presets
- SW: 2300kHz to 27000kHz (5kHz) 14 Bands (5 Presets each Band = 70 Presets)
- Input Voltage: 5V
- Battery Voltage: 3.7V (5000mAh) charged by a TP4056
- uController: NodeMCU ESP8266


I hope you like it! Enjoy!

Stay safe!

Kind regards
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