Arduino Sensor Kit Complete Run Through

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Arduino Sensor Kit Complete Run Through.
When I was a kid I used to collect soda pop bottles, cash them in and save up to buy Archer electronic kits from Radio Shack. Times have sure changed. But one thing for sure, this Arduino Sensor Kit could be a real head start for someone just getting started in the DIY electronics hobby. Let's unbox the Arduino Sensor Kit. This is a really cool package. All of the sensors are already wired to this base shield. The entire sensor kit is a single shield for the Arduino UNO. Now let's take a quick tour. This LED is on digital pin 6. The buzzer is on D5. The OLED display is I2C. The button is on D4. The potentiometer is on Analog pin 0. The base shield has grove connectors for analog pins 0 through 3 here. There are grove connectors for digital pins 2 through 6. Here is the serial interface. There are 4 grove connectors for I2C. On the right we have the light sensor on analog pin 3 and the sound sensor on A2. The temperature and humidity sensor is I2C. The air pressure and acceleration sensors are also I2C. Follow this URL to sensorkit.arduino.cc for the Getting Started guide. There are 10 sensors on the Arduino Sensor Kit and 10 lessons on the getting started page. Let's check them all out.
Arduino boards and the Arduino IDE. Awesome way to get started in programming microcontrollers.
Arduino Sensor Kit - Base
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