Arduino RC Hovercraft Version 2// DIY 4-wire CPU Fan with ATTINY85

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In a previous video, I created an Arduino hovercraft. This video will show my attempt at improving the design using a 4-wire CPU fan, an ATTINY 85, a quadcopter propeller, a servo, and an RC transmitter/receiver. While it is not perfect, it is a big improvement over version #1. Keep an eye out for Arduino Hovercraft version III in a future video.

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Quadcopter motors/propellers - http://ebay.us/DecmOJ

DumboRC 6 Channel Transmitter and Receiver – https://ebay.to/2zbMIvF

ATtiny microcontroller: http://ebay.us/wacDcB

Servo: http://ebay.us/6jzpsB

Fan: http://ebay.us/7bidQl
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