Arduino project for beginners | DIY Smart Robot DustBin tutorial

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???? Build your own Arduino project today (simple and cheap Arduino Smart Bin.)

The basic elements of this DIY smart device are a motor, sensor, the bin itself and of course the star of the show, an Arduino microcontroller. The bin's main purpose is to automatically open, I’ve set its sensors to determine when an object is within 30 centimetres distance. This creation is super nifty when you don’t want to actually touch a bin, and also, it’s a great place to start with DIY electronics for ANY beginner.

So, if you’re looking to create your first AUTOMATIC OBJECT SENSING DUSTBIN, here is everything you need. ???? ????
Tools and equipment:
???? Arduino nano microcontroller
???? BreadBoard
???? Ultrasonic Distance Sensor (HC-SR04)
???? Servo Motor 9g
???? Ikea bin
???? Glue gun
???? Fishing wire
???? A power drill
???? A large screw
???? USB wire
???? Laptop
???? USB power bank
???? Screw driver
???? A variety of breadboard jumper wires
???? Spray paint (optional)

1️⃣ ???? Wire all of your components to the breadboard
2️⃣ ???? Download the Arduino software for free ⬇️ ⬇️
3️⃣ ???? Our code ⬇️ (copy and paste to a new document on the Arduino IDE software)
4️⃣ ???? VERIFY the code and then press UPLOAD ✅

0:00 intro
1:22 The Basic Setup
2:06 How to Wire a breadboard
4:11 How to Program a Smart Bin
5:00 Testing our sensor
5:24 Building the Smart Bin

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