Arduino port problem | COM port not found [ 2021 Update ] Complete Step by Step Guide

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Hello Everyone! Today in this video I am going to step by step guide you How to solve this Arduino port problem | COM port not found on Windows 10. Windows (64-bit).

So What is Arduino?
Arduino is an open-source hardware and software company, project and user community that designs and manufactures single-board microcontrollers and microcontroller kits for building digital devices.

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Resolving this port not found in Arduino is very easy. Just follow the following steps and there you go... So let's begin!

Step 1. You need to install a driver for your Arduino. So for that you just need to download .exe file from the following Link:

Step 2. After downloading the CH340 driver just run the .exe by double-clicking it.

Step 3. You need to click on the install button for installing the Driver as shown in the video.

Step 4. Now after the installation, open Arduino and then just simply connect your Arduino Uno with your Laptop/ Desktop. Then set the port number to com3, as shown in the video! And there you go!!

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The instructions in this video tutorial can be applied to laptops, desktops, computers, and tablets which run the Windows 10 operating system like Windows 10 Home, Windows 10 Professional, Windows 10 Enterprise, Windows 10 Education. This tutorial will work on all hardware manufacturers, like Dell, HP, Acer, Asus, Toshiba, Lenovo, and Samsung.

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Topics addressed in this tutorial:
How To solve Arduino port problem on Windows 10 64 bit OS
Arduino COM port not found
Arduino port not showing in the device manager
Install Arduino driver on windows 10

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