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In this video, we decided to make a PID Enabled Encoder Motor Controller, in which we will go into detail and understand its working principle. Next, we will take an example of our encoder motor and we will understand the problems that are associated with it. Finally, we will solve those problems by implementing a PID based control algorithm with our favorite microcontroller Arduino.

Check the full project for Designing an Arduino Based Encoder Motor Controller by Undressing the Working of PID Controller: https://circuitdigest.com/microcontroller-projects/arduino-based-encoder-motor-using-pid-controller

........In this article, you will get to know..............
????What is PID Controller and How does it Work?
????What is an Encoder Motor and how does it Work?
????Components Required to Build a PID Enabled Encoder Motor Controller
????Schematic Diagram for PID Enabled Encoder Motor Controller
????Arduino Code for PID Enabled Encoder Motor Controller (full explanation)
????Testing the PID Enabled Motor Controller
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