Arduino Nano RP2040 Connect // Hackster Spotlight

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The Raspberry Pi Pico has been out for a while now — and it's a great board. With the ability to simple drag-and-drop compiled programs written in either C++ or MicroPython, the Pico is amazing for quickly getting started with embedded development. However, it lacks a pretty major feature for such a feature-rich product: wireless connectivity. This can cause some frustration as WiFi and Bluetooth are noticeably absent. The Arduino Nano RP2040 Connect was built to solve exactly this problem, as it contains both the custom RP2040 chip and a radio module, all in a super small form factor.

The Nano RP2040 Connect houses some impressive specs for such a tiny board.

· A Raspberry Pi RP2040 microcontroller containing two Arm Cortex M0+ cores clocked at 133MHz and 264KB of RAM
· 16MB of flash memory for plenty of storage
· 20 digital IO pins and 8 analog input pins
· A u-blox NINA-W102 module for both WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity
· An LSM6DSOXTR 6-axis IMU
· An MP34DTOS microphone
· Full Raspberry Pi compatibility, including Programmable I/O for custom protocols
· Arduino Cloud support for remote sketch uploading, remote sensor monitoring, and integrations with the Arduino IoT Remote app

// https://www.hackster.io/gatoninja236/arduino-nano-rp2040-connect-hackster-spotlight-49c78e
// https://store.arduino.cc/products/arduino-nano-rp2040-connect-with-headers
// https://www.newark.com/arduino/abx00052/raspberry-pi-32bit-arm-cortex/dp/52AJ4407
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