Arduino + Java using Firmata

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We are using Firmata on an Arduino-compatible board and communicating with it using the Firmata4j library and Java. The Standard Firmata firmware is loaded on the Arduino UNO compatible board (Grove Beginner Kit for Arduino).

In the IntelliJ IDE we leveraged Maven to download these libraries:
1. JSSC: io.github.java-native:jssc:2.9.4
2. Firmata4J: com.github.kurbatov:firmata4j:2.3.8
3. SLF4J: org.slf4j:slf4j-jcl:1.7.3

All three needed to be included for Windows 10. For macOS we only needed to do
1. Firmata4J: com.github.kurbatov:firmata4j:2.3.8
2. SLF4J: org.slf4j:slf4j-jcl:1.7.3
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