Arduino IOT Cloud + ESP32 | Using Arduino IOT Cloud with ESP32

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Arduino IOT Cloud + ESP32 | Using Arduino IOT Cloud with ESP32 to monitor temperature and humidity and also to control LEDs. In this project video I use Arduino IDE 1.8.9 , Notepad++ V7.7.1 , LEDs, DHT11 Sensor and ESP32 WROOM-32 Development Board.

00:00 Opening
00:30 Project Preview
01:25 Brief explanation of Arduino IOT Cloud
01:40 Installation of modules and components in this project
01:51 Installation test
03:34 Creating an account on Arduino Web
05:22 Prepare Arduino IOT Cloud
05:38 Add Variable
07:35 Select Device
08:54 Network Configuration
09:28 Build Dashboard
12:07 Open Arduino Web Editor
12:24 Getting Started Program code
17:00 Downloading Arduino Create Agent
17:18 Installing Arduino Create Agent
18:18 Running Arduino Create Agent
19:03 Selecting an ESP32 Board in Arduino Web Editor
19:25 Upload program code to ESP32
20:36 Project demonstration
24:00 Project demonstration with Android App

In this video project I use the Free version of Arduino IOT Cloud. The free version has limitations, in my opinion the free version is only suitable for trial projects and for personal use. If you want more features and without limitations, please upgrade to the paid version. Visit the following link to upgrade to the paid version:

Download the project file (This file contains the program code, installation test code and the problem I had while using Arduino Create Agent and the solution) :

The code file is saved in the .rar file format. I created a .rar file using Winrar V5.50, so to extract it, make sure you use the same version of Winrar that I use or the latest version or use the winrar extractor online.

Sorry if my English is confusing, I use an online translator.

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