Arduino IoT Cloud and esp32 based Home Automation

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In this video we are going to be building home automation project using Arduino IOT Cloud and esp32 microcontroller.

We can control home devices from anywhere in the world using our mobile phone over wifi connection.
We will take a closer look into Arduino IOT Cloud and how to integrate it with esp32 board.

I have explained in details each step along with code and connections.

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????Components list :
✅ ESP32 microcontroller board
✅ 5V 4 channel relay
✅ Bulb sockets
✅ AC plug
✅ Bulbs
✅ 5V AC-DC adapter to power esp32 and relay
✅ Breadboard
✅ Jumper wires.

????Code and diagram:

????Arduino Create Agent:

????Home automation using esp32 local sync webserver:

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