Arduino Fire Alarm Project Using MQ2 Gas and Flame Sensor

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This project interfaces Flame Sensor and MQ 2 Gas Sensor with Arduino and learns about all the procedures needed to develop Arduino Fire Alarm System. The flame sensor module has a photodiode for light detection and an op-amp for sensitivity monitoring. It is used for fire detection and makes a HIGH signal. Arduino detects the signal and alerts the buzzer and LED by turning it on. The flame sensor utilized is a flame sensor based on IR.
The MQ 2 sensor has an electrochemical sensor that varies its resistance to different flammable gas concentrations.

Components Required for Arduino Fire Alarm Project:
1. Arduino Uno × 1
2.MQ-2 Gas & Smoke Sensor × 1
3. Flame Sensor × 1
4. LED and resistor kit × 1
5. Buzzer ×2
6. Breadboard × 1
7. Jumper wires kit × 1
8. USB cable type A/B × 1

Arduino Fire Alarm Code, Circuit Diagram, and much more:

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