Arduino ESP32 Smart Watch - LilyGo T-WATCH-2020

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If you want to take your Arduino project with you, and not have to wire up a load of sensors, check out the LilyGo T-WATCH-2020 which is built on an ESP32! More information and links below......

In this video we give a quick overview of the LilyGo T-WATCH-2020 so you know what to expect, as well as showing what Library and Platforms you need in Visual Micro to get started. This can be purchased from a variety of sellers for a very reasonable price of around $30.

Building an Arduino project on your desk is one thing, but when you want to take it somewhere it often becomes cumbersome. This smart watch allows you to carry an ESP32, Wifi, Accelerometer, Light Sensor, Microphone and Speaker around with you, with no assembly at all!

Having access to so many sensors, and your standard Arduino programming tools is great, and with the examples included in the library you can start to build your own smart watch, or step counter in no time! (and a lot more of course).

We will add more videos harnessing this board in the near future, and our WiFi Debugging will definitely come in handy alongside OTA so we can update while its on-wrist.

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LilyGo TWATCH Arduino Library:

ESP32 Wi Fi Debugging:
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