Arduino ESP32 FTP Server with SD Card

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If you want to transfer files to an SD Card on an ESP32 based board, then FTP may be what you need.... Here we show how to use a GitHub Example to achieve this.... More information and links below.....

GitHub Example:

Getting an ESP32 to act as an FTP server can be tricky, but the brilliant example from fa1ke5 delivers everything we need to achieve this with the built in example.

We use the FileZilla FTP Client, however any FTP Client should work as long as Plain FTP is supported, and connections can be limited to only 1.

The transfer speeds are impressive for an embedded device!

If you want to use this code in other projects without copying the ESP32FtpServer.h / .cpp files into each project, check out our Shared Library projects videos below....

Our Website:

GitHub Example:

FileZilla Client Download:

Creating a Cross Platform Shared Code Arduino Project:
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